DEXA scan Salt Lake City

Dexa scan is a form of x-ray that can measure an individual bone mineral density as well as body composition. In very simple terms, the DEXA scan salt lake city machine is capable of creating a map of your fat mass, lean mass as well as bone mass.

The DEXA scan machine I used to scan bone density, it can measure the amount of bone in areas such as your spine and your hips, the results of the x-ray from the DEXA scan machine can tell you whether you have abnormal or normal bone density and tell you whether you are at risk for any fractures. The DEXA scan can also measure your lean and fat mass. This machine can be a powerful motivational tool for individuals that are tracking their weight loss journey and their overall health. With how much information you can receive from a DEXA scan, you can take that information and use it to improve your health and track the progress you have made.

Common uses of the procedure

The DEXA scan machine is often used to diagnose a condition called osteoporosis. This condition mostly affects women over the age of 65 or women who just went through menopause. Osteoporosis causes the loss of calcium in bones as well as some structural changes, which can cause bones to thin and become very fragile as well as more likely to break. By using the DEXA scan to examine the bones and the mineral density, it can help accurately diagnose osteoporosis. Dexa scan is also great for tracking the effects of treatment in osteoporosis and other health conditions that can cause bone loss. The risk of bone loss and the risk of fracture is caused by several factors which include body weight, age, family history, and your daily lifestyle. All these factors are taken into consideration when the patient goes in for a DEXA scan. 

Who needs a bone density DEXA scan?

People that should consider getting a DEXA scan fall into these 3 categories: 1. Women that are 65 and older, as well as men that are 70 and older 2. Women under 65 with the following risk factors:

  • Deficiency in estrogen
  • Low body mass
  • History of amenorrheas before 42

Women and mean any age with the following risk factor:

  • Deficiency in Vitamin D
  • Loss of height
  • Heavy alcohol and tobacco use
  • Family history
  • Immobilization
  • Use of steroids
  • Eating disorder
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Broken bone from trauma

How Is the DEXA scan performed?

You will go into a room and the x-ray technician will help you safely lie down on your back on a padded DEXA scan table. You will have an imaging device attached to the table and it will be right above you. The scanner will move back and forth to measure your body composition and your bone density. The DEXA scan salt lake city machine is completely open and you will lie on it in your normal clothes. It’s completely safe and very quick.