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Eczema is a skin condition that can cause itching as well as make your skin inflamed. It’s a very common condition that many people deal with and your holistic dermatologist can help you with it.  A dermatologist can provide treatment as well as guidance on how to take care of your eczema. They can also prescribe you medication if needed. Eczema can occur at any age but it’s very common in young children and even babies. 

How Can Your Dermatologist Help Diagnose Eczema?

There are a few different types of eczema and atopic dermatitis, so it can be hard to spot the difference between the two. Because a dermatologist is a trained doctor who specializes in skin, they will be able to diagnose if you have eczema as well as help treat it and then provide follow-up care after treatment. 

How Will A Dermatologist Diagnose Eczema?

Do A Physical Exam

The first thing that your dermatologist will do is perform a physical exam so that they can take a closer look at your skin and closely examine the areas that have been affected. A dermatologist will also be able to identify any other skin conditions that you might have during the physical exam.

Look At Your Medical History

During your first visit with a dermatologist, they will most likely ask you questions about your medical history, so make sure you have that with you. They might also ask you about your family history as well. Knowing your history can help the dermatologist diagnose your condition even if you aren’t currently experiencing a rash or a flare-up. 

The questions that they might ask you:

  • Do you have any close family members that have had eczema or allergies?
  • What are the symptoms that you are experiencing?
  • When do these symptoms occur the most?
  • How long have you had a rash on your skin?
  • Where does the rash appear on your body?

How Can A Dermatologist Treat Eczema?

  • Identify what it is that triggers your eczema
  • Provide you with the steps to a moisturizing routine
  • Prescribe medication for you
  • Monitor any signs of infection

Your dermatologist can give you suggestions on proper soaps and moisturizers that you can use as well as prescribe you some topical creams that you can use. If a prescription for medication is necessary, they will give you a prescription that is appropriate for you and your eczema. If for any reason your skin develops an infection, the dermatologist will examine the infection and then treat it accordingly.


If you have eczema, then you need to see a dermatologist right away to receive the proper treatment. If your child is currently dealing with eczema, then a dermatologist can provide treatment for your child as well. There is no cure that can make eczema disappear, but your holistic dermatologist can treat it and help manage the flare-ups.  You still might experience some flare-ups occasionally, but they won’t be happening on daily basis.