toefl practice test

Given the importance of the TOEFL practice test for those who want to study abroad, it’s only natural that it can be scary to think about taking the test. But to be honest, it doesn’t have to be scary at all, especially if you spend time preparing for the test. Preparing the right way and learning how the test works can help you dispel any nerves that you are having.

Great tips on how to prepare for the TOEFL test:

  • Learn the format of the test
  • Pick up study guides
  • Make yourself a study routine
  • Read and listen to everything in English
  • Practice speaking in English
  • Practice writing while being timed
  • Take as many notes as you can
  • Take the TOEFL practice test
  • Make a fun study guide game

How The Test Is Made

  • Reading-60 to 80 minutes and 36 to 56 questions 
  • Listening- 60 to 90 minutes and 34 to 50 questions
  • Speaking -about 20 minutes and 6 tasks
  • Writing- 50 minutes and 2 essays

One of the best and most effective ways to prepare for this test is to pick up a study guide. A good TOEFL book can help you walk through and help you understand the sections and what kind of stuff you can expect on the actual test. A study guide can also help you learn some good strategy pointers, give you practice questions as well as some example answers. There are so many great TOEFL books that you can buy or even find in a library for free.

You will also want to create a study guide that you can be comfortable with. You’ll want to create a study guide way in advance of your test date, maybe 4 to 5 months before. It’s also best to create a schedule of when you can study and you’ll want to stick to the schedule because you’ll get more done as well as save more time. I would recommend you start studying for an hour every day then when your test day comes closer you can move up to studying for 3 to 4 hours every day. The best tip when it comes to studying is to never cram all the studying at once before your test, you’ll be much prepared if you have a schedule and a routine.

As your test day gets a little bit closer you’ll want to take a TOEFL practice test. This is one of the best ways to see how well you are prepared for the actual test. You’ll want to take the practice test maybe once every week or even twice a week. Set some extra time aside where you can spend time focusing on the practice test because the practice test isn’t very short either. The practice test can help you get familiar with the actual test as well as your test-taking skills. Practicing really is one of the best ways to prepare for things. By the time your test day comes around, you’ll be well prepared and you will know what to expect on the test. Your nerves will be completely gone.