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Pests are very gross and they disrupt our living space. There are pests that are completely harmless to humans but there are some that can harm us and our health. It doesn’t matter how clean and tidy your living space is, there’s still a big chance that pests are living somewhere inside your home. Pests love to find small spaces in your home where they can hide from you and they create those small spaces by putting holes in your walls. Learn how you can prevent pests from entering your living space with some tips from pest control Heber

How to prevent a big pest infestation

By far the best tip on how to prevent a pest infestation is making sure your living space is staying tidy and clean. Making sure that you are keeping up on your cleaning is the key to having a clean living environment. If you have a well-taken care of living space then there’s a better chance that pests will avoid coming in because pests love to live in filthy homes. Youll need to make sure you always:


  • Put leftovers away in a closed container
  • Take the garbage out regularly
  • Seal any cracks in your windows
  • Get rid of the clutter
  • Properly sanitize your home

Learn what kind of pests can live in your home

There are countless amounts of pests that could potentially enter your home. Some of them can be completely harmless to you but some can carry fatal diseases. Here’s a list of some common pests that you might catch living with you.

Flies- Flies are very common especially when there’s food. Flies are safe when it comes to a human’s health but they do love to eat your food. So make sure all your food is put away.

Rats- rats are also one of the common pests that you might find in your home. They also love to eat all your food and food is what attracts them into your home. Rats are one the pests that can be harmful to humans, they can carry diseases such as salmonella and plague.

Cockroaches- Cockroaches are food lovers and will eat anything that’s left out but they will also feed on human flesh. Cockroaches are attracted to human fingernails, eyelashes, and feet. The bite of a cockroach might cause welling, lesions, and even irritation. 

Bed bugs- bed bugs are the worst! They are very small and love to hide in our beds. Their favorite spot to hide is in the small spaces of your mattress. Even though bed bugs aren’t known to spread any harmful illnesses they will still feed on human skin and drink blood while we are asleep. Bed bug bites will cause our skin to have red marks and to itch.

The best and the most successful way to ensure you are safe from pests is to have regular pest control heber services. But also make sure you stay on top of your house cleaning, having a clean home can also help keep pests away. If a pest infestation gets too big the pest control professionals can help. Pest control services have specific chemicals that are made to help kill pests but are also completely harmless to humans.