Cleaning Walls

Walls are a significant part of the house and are highly subjected to dust, marks, spills, and faded or scaling paint. It exposes walls to get contaminated by the potential virus and contagious bacteria. Even then, walls are neglected while cleaning other parts of the house. Cleaning the whole walls of the house sounds like a hefty task, for which you can contact expert maid service in Nashville anytime. Or you can follow few simple tips that can save you much time and keep your house healthy.

Cleaning Unpainted Walls:

  • Cover everything in sight with rough sheets to prevent furniture from dust
  • Move everything that is against the wall for a proper cleaning
  • Dust the walls with a long brush or broom
  • Tie an old clean shirt or cloth at the face of a brush to prevent walls against rough bristles scratches.
  • Wash the wall with clean water and a sponge. Start at the top of the wall to avoid staining the wall with any dripping.

Cleaning Painted Walls:

  • Get rid of any stains on the painted wall by using a spot cleaner. Do a patch test before applying the cleanser all over to make sure it doesn’t discard the paintwork.
  • For painted walls, warm soapy water works best with some white distilled vinegar. Get two buckets filled with cleaning solution and water mixed with distilled vinegar, respectively.
  • Wash the walls with water after 5 minutes of applying a cleaning solution. And do not worry about the vinegar as it would not leave any residue.
  • Avoid using any product that contains alcohol as it might wash away the paint or stain the wall with shiny marks.

Cleaning Wallpaper Walls:

  • Dust the walls with a soft-bristled broom.
  • Generally, using a sponge or cloth dipped in warm water soapy solution works best for wallpapered walls. Mix a bit of ammonia to attain a good cleaning.
  • For pen or marker, stains use cleaning fluid or a solvent cleaner
  • For oil stains, use normal soap water.
  • For vinyl-coated wallpaper dip a cloth in a mixture of white vinegar and water. Dab the cloth over the wallpaper. Avoid applying the mixture directly on the wall.


Following these steps once a month is necessary for a safer and brighter-looking house. You can always contact expert maid service in Nashville to do such tasks professionally while you rest or run your errands.