ice cream shop park city

We all love summertime, the warm weather and fun time with friends and family. Summertime is also the season where we can enjoy a variety of flavors of ice cream. Ice cream is a dessert that everyone loves. People do not miss the opportunity to try out new flavors of ice cream. Whether you love chocolate or cookie dough ice cream, ice cream shop park city can satisfy your cravings with any flavor you want. 

Facts About Ice Cream

The ice cream was first invented in 17th century China. Milk and rice mixture was frozen packing into the snow. 

July is the national month of ice cream. July is the peak of the summer and it’s the hottest month so people really enjoy ice cream in july.

The first ice-cream vendor was Harry Burt.  In 1920  Burt had 12 vending trucks in Youngstown with freezers and bells to sell he’s Good Humor Ice Cream Suckers. 

Favorite Flavors

Chocolate and vanilla are probably one the most popular ice cream flavors that people choose. It is also an obsession to add a cherry on top of it. The ice cream shop in park city has rich and creamy varieties of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream has real vanilla beans. For many people, vanilla flavor is the first flavor to go to. The next flavor is chocolate. There are also other choices of flavors that people love to like, strawberry, cookie dough, cookies, and cream or banana. 


Healthy Choices


If you are on a diet or you lactose intolerant, ice cream shop park city has a choice for you too. For those who are lactose intolerant there are dairy-free ice cream flavors that can satisfy your cravings without making your stomach upset. Most dairy-free ice cream flavors are made of cocoa butter and guar gum and completely have zero dairy, but it also tastes exactly like regular ice cream.  For those who are on a diet and are watching their weight, you can choose sugar-free ice cream. The sugar-free ice cream usually has a lot fewer calories than regular ice cream. 

Ingredients In The Ice Cream

Ice cream has fat, sugar, and dairy. Some ice cream shops may use egg yolk, egg yolk offers a  custardy and yellowish color, giving an edgy flavor to the ice cream. High-quality ingredients make ice cream irresistible. Making the ice cream with high-quality milk can really make a difference in the way the ice cream tastes. The milk itself should have a slightly sweet taste to it without adding anything to it.

Satisfy your ice cream summer craving this summer at a local ice cream shop. The ice cream that is available at ice cream shop park city includes high-quality ingredients for the best tasting ice cream to satisfy your cravings. The ice cream there is also all hand-made on-site, also offers traditional flavors as well as the unique flavors made from real fruit.